Empanelment of Valuers 2018-19 for PNB

By | 23rd October 2017

Punjab National Bank invites applications for empanelment of valuers for the period 2018-2019, subject to fulfillment of the criteria related to educational qualifications and experience, mentioned in the Appendix-III (Eligibility Criteria) & terms of engagement given in Appendix-IV.

All those valuers who are already empanelled with the Bank for last less than 5 years, will continue to be empanelled, subject to their satisfactory performance and need not apply again. They may contact the concerned Circle Offices to know their status of empanelment.

Applications be submitted as per the Appendix-1 and Appendix-II attached, along-with the copies of the qualification and experience proofs to the respective Circle Offices only (no copy to be sent to the Head Office). List of Circle Offices along-with their addresses of the bank is available in Appendix-V.

Applications will be received from 01.10.2017 to 31.10.2017 for empanelment. No application will be entertained for the current empanelment process, after 31.10.2017.

In case any Valuer has been found guilty of misconduct in professional capacity in some other Bank/ Institution and his name has been circulated/reported by the Indian Banks Association (IBA)/Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)/ reserve Bank Of India (RBI)/Any other Govt. Agency/Body, his/her application will not be considered for empanelment.

Empanelment of Valuers 2018-19 for PNB

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