System error occurred in filing GST Registration Amendment applications – CBEC Advisory

By | 5th November 2017

CBEC has issued advisory on the system error occured while filing GST registration amendment applications.

1. It has been noticed that while filing the Registration Amendment applications (Non- Core or Core), many Taxpayers are receiving the Error message, namely :

‘System Error Occurred’

1.2. In this regard, it is to inform that the following precautions should be observed to avoid this Error :

  • In the Tab pertaining to Promoters/Directors, all the Individuals mentioned therein should bear different e-mail IDs and different Mobile Phone Numbers
  • If in the above mentioned Tab pertaining to Promoters/Directors, the Land Line Number has been mentioned, the correct STD Code should be entered.

2. 1. Further, it has also been noticed that in case of Taxpayers who have Migrated to GST regime from the previous regime, while filing the amendments (Non-Core or Core), many Taxpayers have received message regarding Validation Error’.

2.2 In this regard, it is to inform that once the application for amendment of Registration has been Submitted by the applicant, the GSTN Front-End Portal validates the information filed at GST Front End Portal with the information mentioned in the PAN (Permanent Account Number) database. If there is a mis-match between the information submitted at GST Portal with the information mentioned in the PAN Database, then the error message regarding ‘Validation Error’ is generated. This Validation is earned out not just for the company, but also for other key individuals (like Promoters, Partners, Directors, Authorized Representatives)

2.3 Further, it has been informed by GSTN that even if the application was successfully submitted at the time of Migration, entire data is again Validated at the time of Amendment of the Registration application. Consequently, if there is an error in Validating the data at the time of submission of the Amendment application, the ‘Validation Error’ message would be generated.

2.3 In view of the above, it is advised that if any Taxpayer is facing the issue of ‘Validation Error’, then that Taxpayer may be advised check the data as it mentioned in the PAN database.

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